Icehouse: Nothing Beats a Large

We make three stacks with the three colors and Caroline chooses a stack and then I choose one. Though thinking about it now [20100425], with three colors, it doesn't matter. Caroline wins a coin toss so she gets to choose whether she wants the large or medium and small piece. At this point we have already drawn and looked at the colors we need to win the game (I used UNO cards). Caroline choose the large. At first I wondered why, since having the small and the medium, you are closer to having a complete set of two things. But then there is the rule of a tie which benefits the person with fewer pieces. And only nothing beats a large, so overall the game is pretty balanced. NOTE: Choosing who gets the large and who gets the medium and small should actually be done prior to getting the secret goals. Oh well. In any case, Caroline achieves her goal of green. Then I achieve my goal of red. She is quick to acquire a blue, putting her, from what I deduced or was forced to assume, one away from a win. I have no choice but to fight for blue. Though this is fine, since for my secret goal, I pulled two red cards, which allowed me to have a choice of my second goal. I acquired the blue. And luckily I won another round and finished the set. Caroline's secret goals were green and blue. It's important to remember that the winner gets ANY piece from the loser. While this makes for a fun two-player game, I imagine it's a better three-player game, and an even better four or five-player game. With a three-player game, by the rule that you can not challenge the player who just cast, the game would be forced to go around in circles, not giving much choice in collection. But all-in-all a fun game.

[Actual Post Date and Time 4/25/10 9:12 AM]
Played 20100423 Caroline Me. I won.
Nothing Beats a Large

Nothing Beats a Large page @ here
Nothing Beats a Large page @ here (Download NBLrules.pdf from here)

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