Overview: A party game where all the players are given roles in a location, except the spy who has to blend in. The players are trying to discover the spy and the spy is trying to discover the location. Players take turn asking yes/no questions towards the goal of the game.

Players: Josh, me, Steph, and Thomas
1 0spy 2 1 I thought maybe they were on an Ocean Liner, something slow moving, but it was... the Crusader Army
0spy 1 1 2 Airplane. Lol. I accused josh, but they weren't sure yet, then Thomas accused Josh.

Players: Josh, Danny, me, Steph, Tiff, and Thomas
0 4spy 0 0 0 0 Service Station
0 0 0 0 0 4spy (I got wrongly accused!) Hotel. Tricky Thomas, haha.
1 1 0spy 1 1 2 Supermarket. Lol. I thought it was a hospital and my answers from then on gave myself away.
0 0 0 4spy 0 0 We failed to vote against Steph, lol. She guessed after the failed vote that we were Crusader Army.
0 0 0 0 0 4spy Day Spa. I suspected Thomas of being a spy, but I couldn't work the crowd, haha. Minimum wage at a day spa? In hindsight, I shouldn't have voted up for whoever it was.

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Players: me, Tiff, Rusty, Steph, Thomas, and Josh

-Tiff: Early evening? Doesn't make sense. But LA and NYC are good answers.
-Rusty: Fancy people, good.
-Steph: Good.
-Thomas: So-so. Round 9 or so he developed his role well.
-Josh: He's good.

Outcome: We voted Rusty as Spy. Josh and I were onto Tiff's answer about the early evening, but we were unable to convince the rest to vote against her.
Place: Movie Theater
Roles: Tim=Costume_Designer,0; Tiff=Spy,4; Rusty=Director,0; Steph=?,0; Thomas=Producer,0; Josh=?,0

-Tiff: (Round 4) Maybe, her question was good.
-Rusty: (Round 6) The fire LOLOLOL
-Steph: (Round 5) Shows good.
-Thomas: (Round 1) ?; (Round 8) Camera, can be a tourist
-Josh: (Round 3) Good.

Outcome: It was obvious that Rusty was the spy...
Place: Cathedral
Roles: Tim=Sponsor,1; Tiff=Parishioner,2; Rusty=Spy,0; Steph=Choir_Boy,1; Thomas=?,0; Josh=Beggar,0

[20161015 Edit]

Players: Michael (m), Josh (j), Chris (c), and me (t)

m: "What kind of people are around you?"
c: "Probably good people."

Outcome: ?
Place: Supermarket
Roles: Tim=Security_Guard,2; Chris=Spy,0; Josh=Sampler,1; Michael=Cashier,1

j: I've been wearing the same thing for quite a while
c: I've been going to this place since I was a boy
m: I never get to see [the sky] (probably prisoner)
j: I pretty much sit all day everyday
c: Yeah, it's a good part of my day [interact with people]
m: [Regarding diet:] Nothing fresh, well that's for sure.
t: The evil people.
c: [Do people use a lot of pencils here?] Nah.
j: To put people like me here where I am.

Outcome: Michael guesses we're at a Police Station.
Place: Crusader Army
Roles: Tim=Squire,1; Chris=Knight,1; Josh=Arab_Prisoner,1; Michael=Spy,0

j: [Who's the boss?] Someone who has a high opinion of himself; pretty big ego.
c: I guess I only come here when I need to go here [somewhat a copy of what I said]
m: [How would you say the food is here?] It's a lot better than it actually is.
j: No good jerkfaces like usual.
m: [What do you think of the kids here?] I don't think they belong.
c: [Has anybody made any money today?] None that I can see.
m: [What do you wear here?] I had it recently cleaned.
j: I'm here because I have to be even though I don't want to be.
c: Me personally, I don't bring anybody here.
m: Probably when everyone leaves.

Outcome: Chris was the real spy and Michael was supposed to be a detective, but due to a bug was also a spy.
Place: Police Station
Roles: Tim=Journalist; Chris=Spy; Josh=Criminalist; Michael=Spy

*I'm not sure this is the correct date, but it doesn't make a difference if it were or not.

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