Poo: The Card Game (2009)

Lol, most recent person to go poo goes first.

This was a fun game.

My biggest mistake in the game was failing to make use of cards that said "There's nothing you can do about it."

There were two interpretations to the use of "Just a fart" against "Devil's Poo." The rules in the book and the instructions on the cards don't seem to make it clear which interpretation is better. One can interpret it for Devil's Poo to be cancelled completely, or just for the person who used "Just a fart." I didn't have enough time to study the wording on the cards, so I don't have a conclusion on which interpretation is better. In any case, I enjoy rule interpretation.
Played 20101225. Josh Kevin Michael Steve Me. Steve first. Josh and Michael draw.
Poo: The Card Game (2009)

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