Arkham Horror (2005)

Josh "Ashcan" Pete
Jon Silas Marsh
Steve Hank Samson
Jac Mandy Thompson
Alex Roland Sparks
Nikki Akachi Onyele
Me Leo Anderson

We won.


Organized Crime
Chris Kate Winthrop
Josh Ursula Downs
Steve Darrell Simmons
Me Mandy Thompson

We won.

Ursula Downs is the first to start a turn
We start on something and I use all my clue tokens. Darrell Simmons said to do it and he said he thought it was funny. Stupid Simmons!!!
With Keen Analysts, I should have kept 2 clue tokens.
I, Mandy Thompson, give up my something for a retainer.
I buy a shotgun. Muahahaha.
At The Unamable.
Luckily, I kill a monster. Goat Spawn.
What!?!? My make-up kit.
I just keep getting into trouble. I walk to the Graveyard.
I encounter an Elder Thing. I kill it.
I get an Elder Sign. Yay!
Everybody in Arkham loses two sanity, but I ain't in Arkham! Yay... City of the Great Race.
Kate Winthrop kills a zombie. He goes to R'lyeh.
Closed a gate. Sealed a gate with my elder sign (lose a sanity and a stamina)! City of the Great Race.
Lost last sanity. Don't want to lose my equipment, and I take madness card.
Nightmares. I lose 1 sanity regardless when encountering monsters. At the Arkham Asylum I recover my sanity for $2.
I went to the Unvisited Isle and sneak past a Colour of the Space to enter Another Dimension. I get a unique item for remembering something from a painting that the place reminded me of.
I lose $4 to protect my shotgun. I was out of luck (0 luck, and wanted to keep my clue tokens).
"Your travels are endless, packed tighte into the space of but a moment. Lose 1 Stamina"
I close and seal Another Dimension with my Elder Sign (that came from remembering the painting). So I'm down to two stamina and four sanity. All the square monsters go away.
Unvisited Isle Encounter, open a gate? Nope it's sealed. Token goes to 2 for my mission (Breaking the Chain).

I use my ability to help Ursula Downs defeat a monster. (Reroll ability)
I come across a pile of bones or something and something and lose a sanity, but find a spell.
Kate Winthrop gets my Greater Banishment (loses 2 sanity) and he gives me money. I passively gain health at the hospital. I use my ability for him to reroll. On the reroll he destroys all the hex monsters. There's five of them. Sweet!
We use our keen analysts for Kate Winthrop to get a second clue token.
Then we split up and I go to The Unnamable where I go to Yuggoth. Kate Winthrop goes to the woods and enters R'lyeh.
I fight a ghoul and defeat it. I now have a total of 5 toughness (2, 2, 1).
Priest of Dagon. I lose 2 will to him. Failed first attempt to fight him with four die. Used ability. Killed him.
Unable to open another gate! 2 goes to 3.
Try to close and failed. Used ability and closed it! and sealed with 5 clue tokens.
Kate Winthrop seals hers.
Another gate doesn't open. 3 goes to 4.
I kill a cultist for fun and he has 3 health, but still easy to defeat (I rolled 7 die).
Barely hang onto sanity (had to use ability) I shoot the Protoshoggoth 7 times.

Highest on the ancient Ithaqua is 11.
Minus terror track 2. Minus number of elder signs used = 3.
Plus 1 for every sane surviving investigator = 4.
+6 gate trophies.
+1 for every monster trophy divided by 3, = [6+2+3+7]/3 = 18/3 = 6
Total is 11-2-3+4+6+6 = 22
I had 3 gates, 4 monsters.
Chris had 2 gates.
Steve had 1 gate.

I might have not done the Nighmarish when I was suppose to, but on the other hand I would have had the money from Chris to buy sanity. I would have not fought the last monster I fought and it might have taken us one or two more turns to win. But I'm sure we would have won. Whether we would have had more or less points is debatable.

Played 20090725 Steve Josh Daniel Phuong Me 10p to 3a
Played 2010 SUMMER
Played 20101219 Josh JonWest Steve Jac Alex Nikki Me 1p to 2p
Played 20110807 Chris Josh Steve Me 6p to 7p
Arkham Horror

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