Smash or Trash (2008)

We were testing the game out so we just played one round.

We employed one of the optional rules: If you don't know any of the songs on the card, you just pick a new card.

We ended up doing the following [player name: subject - song title (artist) ???]:
Tim: Crackers And Cheese - Genie In A Bottle (Christina Aguilera) 012
Josh: "It Wasn't Me" - Centerfold (J. Geiles Band) 000
Michael: Working Late - Eleanor Rigby (Beatles) 222
Steve: Karaoke - Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic (The Police) 111

While I like music, I don't see how most people would enjoy this game. Not only do the players have to know the titles to music, but also recognize their friend's knowledge of music. To clarify...
1) a player might know a song, but not know the title
2) a player might not know another player's song choice.
3) a player might know a title, but not know the song
Played 20101229 Josh Michael Steve Me. 1 round. Michael won.
Smash or Trash (2008)

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