Le Havre

So I'm staring at the following numbers trying to remember what they meant.

Mysterious Numbers:
78 58 113 66+12-4+8
2,0,1 1,1 0301 2000

In fact, the first goal was figuring out what game the numbers were for. Luckily, I had pictures to match these numbers up with Le Havre and realized that the second line stood for the number of ships and the first line stood for the score. The last value ("66+12-4+8") indicated the score I could have obtained if I had made different end game decisions.

The next step was trying to figure out the turn order. That and/or who the scores belonged to. After looking through the pictures, I realized I had taken the pictures that would identify who had which set of ships.

Mysterious Solved!:
____________ JK Sy Se TT
Player Color Wh Gr Pu Bl
Wooden Ships 02 01 00 02
Iron Ships__ 00 01 03 00
Steel Ships_ 01 00 00 00
Luxury Liner 00 00 01 00
Total Points 78 58113 66

There was also a misunderstanding about choosing an action during the endgame. While you can choose an action another player chooses, you can't choose the one that you were already on.

The timing for my building purchases was off. In particular, I was trying to gather resources for two separate buildings, but the removal of buildings foiled my plans. As a result, I wasted turns getting resources which didn't help me.

In any case, it was our first game and I think we all enjoyed it.

[20110129][20160821 Edit]

Played 20110109 Josh (78) Stanley (58) Steve (113) Me (66). Josh first. Steve won.
Le Havre

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