Spot It! (2009)

This is how the game works. One card from the deck is dealt to each person per round. On 3, each person flips over the cards and tries to spot a matching symbol. If you find one, you say the symbol and move your card to the card that has a matching symbol. Every card has exactly one symbol matching with every other card. Once you clear your pile you're safe for the end of the round. But if you start accumulating a pile, you still have a chance to win, just get all the cards on your pile to another player's pile. If you have a good memory, just name off the same symbol that gave you the card in the first place after getting rid of your top card.

There are 55 cards, so after 13 rounds, there were three cards remaining and so Steph, Chris, and I played an extra round, Josh assumed he had the most cards so he said the last three can just be played among us three for a sort of tie-breaker/game changer round. I collected the three, but that only put me to 7 cards. For a four-player game there would be 13.75 rounds. I lost 1.75 rounds and clearly had the least cards so I won. (We played the variation of the game where we are trying to get rid of cards) It also seemed clear that Chris came in second, but he probably lost 3 rounds. So my guess is the score was 1.75, 3, 4, and 5. I used to be much more meticulous about these things, but last night (20110705) I was just relaxing and didn't care to record the details.

Played 20110705 Josh Steph Chris me. I won.
Spot It!

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