Mansions of Madness (2011)

Start game. 01

I haven't been in a big gaming mood this summer and I avoided the task of reading the rules. While I would normally do this job, this time Stephanie helped Josh with the rules. I did help just a little with the setup, but I also didn't do as much of that as I normally do. I punched out some of the cards and then slid them into the figurine bases. Then I attached the figurines onto the bases. Of course, Josh ends up pulling all the figurines off the bases, when he really only needed to pull the biggest creatures off to fit in the container he bought. Oh well.


We knew going in that the first game would be long. That's how it typically is with a new game. You have to look back at the rule books for things you missed. You have to figure out ambiguous situations. And sometimes you have to make up rules until you can try to look them up at a later time and clarify them by looking at forums or official clarifications.


However, the process of inventing rules for this game was easy, because Josh, Steve, and maybe Stephanie, had played Arkham Horror many times and when we were uncertain of a rule, but didn't find it in the book, they assumed it worked like Arkham Horror.


This game was cool for it's figurines. They'd be cooler if they were painted, as various gamers have done and shared on See the Mansions of Madness image page at

There were many questions we had about various rules, but it was fun to play anyways. The game is normally played in two hours, but we took three and a half. That doesn't include reading the rules and setup.

The investigators.

One thing we overlooked was how weaponless combat isn't so bad. I know for one, I hardly took any damage. In fact I think just one out of eleven. In addition, I had a spell to recover a health. So I could have afforded to easily try and take down two or three cultists. Especially given my strength level. Steve did a lot of combat.


Josh accidentally pulled from the wrong pile for one of the end battles. Though I'm optimistic that we still would have won. I argue that if the Shoggoth had not been blown with a shotgun two steps backwards, then Chris would have been in the position to attack it. Some of the more experienced players were surprised when the Shoggoth had been blown two spaces back. Indeed that was the error Josh made. But I think by the time he realized his mistake, it was too late.

My starting set-up

Keeper's starting set-up

Entering the lobby.

Side Remark: I read that while the pile is resolved one at a time, it doesn't mean you have to use an explore for each card. Steve confirms my interpretation of the rules.

One thing that went better this game was fighting a little bit more than last time. However, still not enough. Either Chris or I should have been killing zombies as they popped up. Back to what went better, we saved a little time after learning we can pick up explore items all at once instead of one at a time. That definitely helps the flow of the game.

Split-up and ignoring the monsters in the lobby.

Uh-oh, trouble has been brewed.

The Fall of House Lynch
We decided to split up. However, it seems we split up inefficiently.
Michael attempts to enter the basement landing and discovers we need the correct phrase.
I, Joe Diamond, try to enter the guest bedroom, and discover we need the silver key
Gloria Goldberg uses a spell.
I enter the master bedroom which is a dark room. I find a suitcase. Lock #6A opened... but it took two consecutive actions. Darn.
Gloria Goldberg uses an ability to see that there's a silver key in the operating room.

Side Remark: I'm certain the attempt to solve a puzzle requires the action.
Side Remark: I used my first to solve most of it. And the second to finish it off.

My character at the end of the game.

Riding the Shoggoth (not part of actual game)

Played 20110708 1630-2007PDT Josh[Keeper] Steph[Sister Mary] Steve[Michael McGlen] Tim[Ashcan Pete]. Keeper won.
Played 20110801 1806-2040PDT Josh[Keeper] Chris[Michael McGlen] Tim[Joe Diamond] Brandon[Gloria Goldberg] Alex[Harvey Walters]. Investigators won.
Mansions of Madness (2011)

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