Pickomino (2005)

My tiles.

This game can definitely be made at home. All you need is enough dice and something on which you can mark numbers. You could for example cut index cards into four strips. Of course the feel and height of the tiles is nice.

Near the end of the game.

In any case, the game itself is short, fun, and quick. It is more cutthroat than the average multiplayer game.

Tim K.G.'s tile.

I recall I developed the following ideas during the game: two fives or two worms are real good and should be taken whenever the situation arises. One worm wouldn't be worth the first roll, but most situations would have you take it on the second roll should it come up. Also, two fives would be a lot better than three fours, or even four fours. Unless you already had a worm, then just go with four fours. One, two, and three are best reserved for stealing, but sometimes you also need them to just get something.

Josh's tiles

A good rule to know is that you only need to score higher than or equal to a tile's value, provided it's in the common tile area. The tie-breaker is the person with the highest valued tile. Another advantage to getting higher tile numbers instead of the corresponding lower tile numbers with the same point value is that they would be harder to get stolen.

Stephanie's tiles

Played 20110618 TimKG(3) Josh(2+1+3)(first) Steph(1+1+2+4) me(2+3+2+1). Steph won.
Pickomino (2005)

Near the start of the game.

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