So I'm pretty sure Chris taught us this game last Summer. In any case, this Winter, it was revamped with a tighter point system. Before, you would only get one point for being the last person standing. And your goal was to be the first to reach three or five points, I can't remember. But now, you get a point for each guess you make right, and three points for being last person standing. One person makes a question and everybody, including that person, writes down an answer. The answer can be true or false, serious or silly, etc. Then the person who posed the question collects the answers and reads them aloud. Then taking turns, each person, in clockwise order, except for the person who posed the question, tries to eliminate all the other players, except for the person who posed the question, by correctly guessing what that person wrote down. When everybody except one person remains, the person to the left of the person who asked the question becomes the person who asks the question. Play continues in a fixed number of rounds. We did one round. Hence the total for the game on 20100111 is 42 points: 6 people means 6 rounds with 5 people playing for 4 points by guessing correctly and 3 points for being the last person standing means 7 points per round for 6 rounds means 42 points total. In general, if 'x' is the number of players and 'n' is the number of rounds then the points total is 'n*x*(x+1)'.

[Actual Post Date and Time 1/19/10 5:33 PM]
Played 20100109 Stephanie Josh Steve Me. Josh first.
Played 20100111 Stephanie (16) Kevin (2) Josh (13) Peter (9) Steve (0) Me (2). Me first. Stephanie won.

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