Icehouse: Ikkozendo

Rule: At least two yellow pieces.
This game was quick, each person took one guess.

Rule: A red and black are touching.
This game was also quick, each person took one guess.

Rule: There aren't a prime number of pips.
This game was forever, and Stephanie wanted to turn it into guessing without waiting. This would have been exactly what she wanted:
Alternately, for a real time variant, the Master may permit Students to shout out rule guesses as they come up with them. In this real time variant, the Master must gently restrain any Student who is rapidly making rule guesses to the exclusion of other Students' chances to guess.
And it's what I suggested we switch to, despite not knowing it existing as a proper variant, but in any case, that rule, as I explained to Michael is particularly hard when we only at any time have two koans, one with the Buddha-nature and one without. Also at the end, we caught a mistake and what happened was Michael forgot two is a prime number, and at one point one of the koans was just a red medium piece that had the Buddha-nature. But that is to say, being the master and choosing the rule and building structures to disprove the guesses is all a delicate process. I stumbled on my first attempt at being a master at Ikkozendo, before quickly erasing that game and starting the above rule (At least two yellow pieces).

Note: We were playing Rook and Ikkozendo at Shorehouse. Lol, Icehouse at Shorehouse.

[Actual Post Date and Time 1/2/10 2:36 PM]
Played 20100101: Me (Master) Stephanie Michael Josh. Stephanie first. Josh won.
Played 20100101: Stephanie (Master) Michael Josh Me. Michael first. I won.
Played 20100101: Michael (Master) Josh Me Stephanie. Josh first. Nobody won.
Icehouse: Ikkozendo

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