Rock'Em Sock'Em ROBOTS

So Rock'Em Sock'Em ROBOTS was Stephanie's Christmas(?) present for Chris. We played a single round-robin tournament. Each match-up is best out of three.

The results ordered alphabetically:
Play1 Play2 Winnr Rd#
Chris Josh- Chris 06?
Chris Kevin Kevin 04?
Chris Phuon Phuon 08
Chris Steph Steph 11
Chris Tim-- Chris 01
Josh- Kevin Josh- 02?
Josh- Phuon Phuon 10
Josh- Steph Steph 14
Josh- Tim-- Tim-- 15
Kevin Phuon Phuon 13
Kevin Steph Steph 09
Kevin Tim-- Kevin 12
Phuon Steph Steph 03?
Phuon Tim-- Tim-- 05?
Steph Tim-- Tim-- 07?

Names Ttl1 Ttl2
Chris 0002 0002
Josh- 0001 0001
Kevin 0002 0002
Phuon 0003 0003
Steph 0004 0003
Tim-- 0003 0004

Total 1 is the real total. Total 2 is the total that I had counted on 20100106.

Hence, there was a round between Phuong and Stephanie. Stephanie won.
Then the final match-up between Stephanie and me. I won.

But knowing now the real total, it should have been Phuong and me. And then the winner faces Stephanie. According to the records, then I would beat Phuong and then I would beat Stephanie.

However, now that I think about it, I wonder why we just didn't say most wins is first place. Hence Stephanie gets to be the tournament champion.

[Actual Post Date and Time 1/7/10 4:54 PM]
Played 20100106 Chris (2) Josh (1) Kevin (2) Phuong (3) Stephanie (4) Me (3). Stephanie won.
Rock'Em Sock'Em ROBOTS

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