Icehouse: Volcano

This game plays best with two players, because if the other player makes a mistake, then you can capitalize. If you were to play with more players, if a player makes a mistake, only the next player takes advantage.

20091229 Young and Michael duke it out. This is the only image I could find, it'll have to do for now.

Something that Mark told me, and appears to be true, is the the following tip: If there's a move you want to do you can probably manipulate the volcano caps to a position in order to do so. Those solid-colored and mixed-colored trees really add up in points.

If playing with starting position along the diagonal, then a simple move that would prevent the next player a capture of two, is to move the center cap. There are others, but that seems to be the most simple. This is important, as the person who goes first needs to reduce the advantage of the person who goes second.

Daniel stated that the person who goes first has a big disadvantage. I wouldn't say big, but certainly as I said above, a disadvantage.

Played 2009XXXX Mark Me.
Played 2009XXXX John Me.
possibly one or two other games
Played 20091215 Me Daniel. Me first. Daniel won.
Watched 20091229 Young Michael. Michael first. Michael won.
Played 20100104 Daniel (6) Me (13). Daniel first. I won.
Icehouse: Volcano

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