We probably made a change of partners in the second game.

[Added 20100102]
We played the second game at my house while watching Josh's Will Farrell, Demetri Martin, and Jimmy Fallon DVD's.

[Added 20100102]
Deal Bid Trump Dclr J.K.S.H. M.T.T.T.
J.K. 085 Green T.T. +020+020 +100+100
T.T. 085 Red.. J.K. +105+125 +015+115
S.H. 090 Yellw M.T. +010+135 +110+225
M.T. 085 Red.. M.T. +020+155 +100+325

This was Michael's first game. But he's familiar with trick taking games. The optimal bid which I had forgotten, because it's been so long since last playing, is 85 or 90. Of course lower is better, but 85 is fairly achievable. In that first round, the 20 we didn't get was the Rook. In any case, the Rook is such a dangerous card and can really swing the game. I don't think you can bet higher than 90 (That is 95+) unless you have the Rook. But some people might play a riskier game than I do.

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20100102 Comment:
I might not have accounted for all games we played in my Moleskine, but I think I got most, if not all. But the first game listed is our first time playing. And then the third game listed is Steve's first time playing.

Played 20090730 Stephanie Josh Daniel Me.
Played 20090730 Stephanie Josh Daniel Me.
Played 20090731 Steve Josh Stephanie Me.
Played 20090731 Me Daniel Steve Josh.
Played 20100101 [Jophanie: Josh Stephanie] (155) [Mim: Michael Tim (Me)] (325). [Mim] wins.

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