We played sixteen tiles in hand. Way fun. Similar to Gin Rummy. I can't wait to play again, probably online!

One of the more important rules (
Unlike other melds, an exposed Sheung may only be declared off the discard of the player on the left. The only exception is when the player needs that tile to form a Sheung to win. In this case, a Sheung can be declared at any 3 opponents' turns.
If a player needs only one more tile to complete his winning hand and another player discards the tile he needs, he may claim it immediately, regardless of who discarded it or what part of his hand it completes.
[Actual Post Date and Time 1/3/10 5:39 PM]
Watched 20100102 Steve Chris Kevin Kevin'sMom. Kevin rolled. Steve first. Steven won (Pong, Kevin).
Played 20100102 Steve Chris Me Stephanie. Stephanie rolled. Me first. Stephanie won (Zimo).
Played 20100102 Steve Chris Me Stephanie. Steve rolled. Me first. I won (Sheung, Chris).

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