Icehouse: Martian Tic-Tac-Toe

We used a three by three section of a chess board. For a while, neither of us knew how the game could possibly end. But the way it did end, involved the fact that Josh's large pieces were already stuck on the board. I didn't plan for the win, and as such, it was one of those, "I shouldn't have done that" moments for Josh. I like how it's more complex than regular tic-tac-toe, but still simple enough.

We used Martian Coasters. In the first game, we were beginning to feel the center was very powerful. I so happened to win. In the second game, I tried to hard to get my large piece into the center. Eventually I did. But soon after, Arash forced my third large to go down. And he won the game. I believe I did the same thing in the first game, except I controlled the center. And that was how I won the game on 20100110. And that is how Arash and I helped Matt win the last game between him and Sinan. We emphasized that you want to try and get the other person to use their third large piece. And sure enough, after that was accomplished, a game winning situation arose.

In addition, you probably want to form LMM and win with MMM.
Played 20100110 Josh Me. Josh first. I won.
Played 20100126 Arash Me. ? first. I won.
Played 20100126 Arash Me. Me first. Arash won.
Nearby 20100126 Matt Sinan. (3 or 4 games) (Sort of tied)
Icehouse: Martian Tic-Tac-Toe

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