It was our first time playing Pictionary. It was lots of fun. In a nutshell, it's basically just the drawing portion of Cranium. Though I read the rules wrong. We just tried to guess as many as possible in the time limit and All-Play gave temporary possession, but turn order resumes to normal after that.

Today, 20110722, I read that we should reset the timer on each new word. This is the incentive for winning All-Play. However, I would probably amend the rules if there were more than just two teams. Because if A, B, and C were playing, and A drew an All-Play. If C won an All-Play, and then continued playing, then it would go to A before B. But this might create too much down-time for B, as well as being unfair. While life isn't fair, this isn't life. This is a board game and there's already luck involved with the die, so whatever I can try to do to make the game balanced, then I'd rather do that.

Here's something to remember: Don't give up! Josh and Chris were far behind, but started catching up. You never know what the cards or die will give you.

Let's say there are three teams: A, B, and C.
Case 1: A gets it right on A's turn.
Reset the timer. A rolls the die and advances. A's turn again.
Case 2: A pulls normal card, doesn't get it.
Reset the timer. B's turn.
Case 3: A pulls an All-Play, nobody gets it.
Reset the timer. B's turn.
Case 4: A pulls an All-Play, B (or C) gets it right.
Reset the timer. B (or C) rolls the die and advances. B's turn.

Played 20110707 [Josh Chris][Red] [Stephanie me][Blue]. [Blue] won.

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