Loot (1992)

Loot is a pirate-themed card game where players take turns placing ships and attacking them. More explicitly, each turn a player may draw a card, lay down a pirate ship, or attack a pirate ship. If on the start of a player's turn, he/she has the most pirate skulls laid in front of a ship, then he/she gains the loot on it (takes the card)! Of course there's also captains and an admiral to worry about, but you'll just have to play the game and see for yourself!

Stephanie, Daniel, Josh, Phuong, and I play six games of Loot. It's possible the recor[???*]

My endgame points (20141221)
*20210701: I was transferring posts from my main blog to this topic blog (games.supertran.net) and it seems as if this entry is incomplete. I'm not sure why.
So I know I've played this game before, but the only record I have is a note stating that I played six games of back in the summer of 2009.

In any case, this game is one of many games I've played which leverages the idea of responsibility. Oftentimes, players try to act selfishly and attempt to push the responsibility of action to other players. However, this does not always work out as planned. It is this part of the game which makes Loot interesting.

If you like this game mechanic, other games to try are Dragon's Gold, No Thanks!, Ra, and Super Munchin/Munchkin Cthulhu.

My starting hand (20141221)
Unfortunately, more so with the Munchkin games and Loot, this mechanic can lend itself to a turtling strategy.

While I did not consciously implement a turtling strategy today, I did get lucky enough to be dealt a (blue) captain and draw the admiral.

20090706 Steph Daniel Josh Phuong me.
20141221 Thomas[9] Steph[10] Michael[5] Josh[14] me[16]. I won.*
*We forgot that you have to subtract any ships that are in your hand when the game ends. This might have affected player decisions towards the end. How this would have affected the game is unclear.
Loot (1992)

Epic final (and useless) battle. (20141221)
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