Pente (1977)

Ryan and I played a bunch of games, and out of six games, I only won once. I think part of what makes the game hard is we often point out each other's bad moves and allow the other player to change the move.

20140128 Game 4 of 6
The person who goes first has the advantage.


Today I introduced this game to Josh. We played four single rounds with the first player tournament rule. While I won each round, Josh had definitely improved from one game to the next.

20140128 Game 5 of 6

This game can be easily emulated with simple materials. Otherwise, a two-player game can be emulated with a Go set. With that being said, the set I own is aesthetically pleasing and I also like the way the marble pieces feel in my hands. The set I have also rolls up nicely and has little velvet sacks, one for each of the four colors.

20140128 Game 6 of 6

As for the game itself, Pente is strategically similar to games like Chess, Go, and Othello, though where it stands on difficulty and depth I am uncertain. Surely it's the least popular among the games I've mentioned thus far. It is, however, fun to play and learn.

Pente (1977)

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Pente (

Played 20090916 2P Matt Me. (many games, switch order)
Played 20090916 3P Matt Xuehua Me. (two or three games (getting 21))
Played 20090919 4P Xuehua Matt Me JingWen.
Played 20090921 4P Sinan Xuehua Arash Me.

20110128 Game 1 of 6
Played 20090921 4P Sinan Xuehua Arash Me.
Played 20090921 4P,Teams (Arash Me) (Sinan Xuehua).
Played 20090921 4P,Teams (Arash Sinan) (Xuehua Me).
Played 20090921 4P,Teams (Arash Xuehua) (Sinan Me).
Played 20110128 2247-2257ET. 2P Ryan(O)(5.c) Me(B)(1)(2.c).
Played 20110128 2257-2300ET. 2P Ryan(O)(1)(5.r) Me(B).

20140128 Game 2 of 6
Played 20110128 2300-2318ET. 2P Ryan(O)(5.c) Me(B)(1)(4.c).
Played 20110128 2318-2335ET. 2P Ryan(O)(1)(5.r,2.c) Me(B)(2.c).
Played 20110128 2335-2410ET. 2P Ryan(O)(4.c) Me(B)(1)(5.c).
Played 20110128 2410-2432ET. 2P Ryan(O)(1)(5.c) Me(B)(2.c).
(1)=First, (O)=Orange, (B)=Blue, .c=captures, .r=in-a-row

20140128 Game 3 of 6
Played 20140727 2P Josh(G) Me(B). (four games)

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