Ghosts! (1980)

This is the type of game that, you would consider buying for the aesthetics, but can easily be duplicated using a deck of cards. Another such game is Lost Cities (though one would need to buy or construct a five-suited deck of cards). For convenience we used paper fasteners to hold the cards upright. It's a fun game that for some people can involve overanalyzing the opponents strategies, especially after multiple rounds. The choice to reveal one's initial position after the end of a game can also add to the fun.

This picture is to indicate Mark went first.

This picture might represent a win for me. Though I'm unsure.

I'm pretty sure this picture is suppose to indicate Mark winning.

I went first.

I won! (because Mark collected four reds)

I went first, but who won?

Played some, Watched some 20110125 Ryan, Mark, and I rotated.
Ghosts! (1980)

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