Chinese poker

Today was the first time I actually played Chinese poker. Prior to today, I had seen the game, but didn't really know the rules.

So at the fourth round I was leading by 2 I think. And at that point, looking at the time, I said two more rounds. So on the fifth round Sinan won all three to earn the bonus point. So I guess he would have had 9 and I had 7. Thus, I necessarily needed to win all three on the last round to win the game. I actually got a pretty good hand. It was a straight flush for the high hand, a full house for the center hand, and a pair for the high hand. But Sinan only needed to win one to win, given the situation of ending the game, and thus it was easy for him to achieve a hand that guarantees one win. His hand was two pairs for the high hand, a pair of Aces for the medium hand, and a pair of Kings for the low hand. Pretty fun.

Played 20090716 Josh Daniel Me.
Played 20110202 Sinan 10 Me 9. Sinan won. 6 rounds.
Chinese poker

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