Killers of the Three Kingdoms (Chinese Bang!)

At first, I just watched and as I watched, I made notes on which cards corresponded to which in Bang. It was interesting. I didn't expect to play, but after three games, they asked if I wanted to play, and I supposed I understood most of the correspondences enough to play. The only thing that required work was the abilities of the characters.

(*) So when Ling died, she revealed her identity. And then Di asked if it was okay to revive her. Although I forgot if that was the role card or a heal. In any case, at that time, being forgiving, I didn't see the problem. But in hindsight, after Ling was revealed a Deputy, then we all knew each other's roles. Had the game continued, the likelihood is that Outlaws would win. Had healing of Jing not been allowed, the Outlaws would win.

I found translation of the rules and cards on BGG. I list some discrepancies between how we played and the translated rules below.

We didn't use this part of the gameplay:
Reincarnation. After death, a player discards all cards and exposes his or her identity card. Each remaining player may (but does not have to) give one card per turn to a dead player. When a dead player’s hand reaches four cards, he or she is immediately reincarnated. Shuffle the unused identity cards and the first card picked with the same Kingdom alignment as the previous role is the player’s new role. The reincarnated player starts with a strength of one. A reincarnated player may never give a card to a dead player. When determining the victory condition, a reincarnated player is considered dead.

1) Can examine and then reorder the top three cards of the draw pile before drawing.
2) If hand has no cards, Kill cards (including in Duels) have no effect.

I didn't see any role cards granting the ability to draw cards after discard phase and skipping your next turn... But I'm sure there was this role in two of the games.

Note sure if played correctly or not... but... “Peaches” (桃) = Beer.
Play to restore one strength level. Peaches may be played on other players, but only in the turn of the player playing the Peaches. Peaches can be played on oneself to avert death at any time.

1) Can heal one life point of any player (including self) by discarding a red card.
2) Can discard any card in hand or equipped to heal own strength one point.
Remark: (1) is too powerful out of turn, but I don't know how accurate the translation of this card is, or if there is any clarification in the rulebook. I do know that the rules above say that a Peach (Beer) can only be used on somebody else on your turn. And note that in Bang!, Beer can only be used on yourself.

[Actual Post Date and Time: 2/16/10 7:31 AM]
Sorry if I spelled any names wrong. Sheriff=Prince=Emperor, Deputy=Adviser=Protector, Outlaw=Outlaw=Assassin, Renegade=Spy=Traitor. (Bang!=Rule Set from BGG=Translation made on 20100214)
Also, the number denotes the order of death.

Watched 20100214 Min (Sheriff)(3) Jing (Renegade)(1) Xuehua (Deputy)(2) JingWen (Outlaw) Di (Outlaw). Outlaws won.
Watched 20100214 Xuehua (Sheriff) JingWen (Outlaw)(1) Ling (Deputy) Min (Outlaw)(2) Jing (Traitor)(3). Sheriff and Deputy won.
Watched 20100214 Min (Sheriff)(1) JuiEn (Outlaw) Jing Xuehua JingWen Ling Di. Outlaws won.
Watched 20100214 Min (Sheriff)(1) JuiEn (Deputy) Jing (Outlaw) Xuehua (Renegade) JingWen (Deputy)(Left game) Ling (Outlaw) Di (Outlaw). Outlaws won.
Played 20100214 Di (Sheriff) Min (Outlaw) JuiEn (Renegade)(1) Jing (Deputy)(1.5) Xuehua (Outlaw) Me (Outlaw) Ling (Deputy)(2). Outlaws won.*
Played 20100214 Jing (Sheriff)(6) Xuehua (Outlaw)(3) Me (Deputy)(2) ??? (Outlaw)(4) Ling (Outlaw)(5) Di (Renegade) Min (Deputy)(3) JuiEn (Outlaw)(1). Renegade won.
Killers of the Three Kingdoms

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