Set - The Family Game of Visual Perception

A bunch of us first played Set at Cyrus's house back in senior year; Michael had won the game at Grad Night. At some point during college, I found the game at PuzzleZoo and just had to buy it. The game can currently also be found at Barnes and Noble. I once brought Set over to Audrie & Diana's place. I've played Set on several occasions during my first year with my classmates.

JuiEn has played this game too much for me to beat, especially since I haven't played in a while.

[20100311 3:38 PM]

I taught Leah how to play set. I started off with only the solid-colored cards to eliminate shading as a characteristic. After explaining the rules, I started the first game with a time handicap of about 15 seconds. That is, I would give her at least 15 seconds before I would point out a set. This keeps the game flowing and allows the new player to slowly grasp what determines a set. On each successive game, I would count less and less, mainly because her set recognition became faster and faster. This went on until I didn't count, and she won a game, and I won a game. Tim [3] Leah [4] Remain [2] and Tim [4] Leah [3] Remain [2] respectively. At this point, I decided to introduce the real game. This time, the first game I pointed out the sets fairly quickly. This was an attempt to build a simple library of acceptable sets. She occasionally found a set during the game. Then on the next game, I went back to counting to about 10. She found a good amount of sets. We played two or three more games together and on the last game, I showed her that I could recognize the sets decently well. I'm quite visual. Anyways, I was happy to hear she said she liked the game.

Played 20100214 JuiEn [12] JingWen [1] Me [6]. (ended early). JuiEn won.
Played 20100214 JuiEn [17] Me [8] Remain [2].
Played 20110923 Leah Me.
Set - The Family Game of Visual Perception

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