Mouse Trap (1963)

20111223: Michael went first because his birthday was up next. I came after by going clockwise.

I was first into the loop because I landed on the space that zooms players directly there. However, Josh was close behind. Michael was far away.

At one point, Josh was on the cheese wheel and I got on the crank. I had used my cheese to try and get Michael into the cheese wheel as well, but apparently we had misread the rules* and I wasn't allowed to do that.** We later joked that this action invalidated the game.

In any case, as a result of using my cheese, Michael eventually landed onto the safe spot and I was unable to move him further. As such, I proceeded to turn the crank, the contraption worked, and Josh was out of the game. For eliminating Josh, I got all of his cheese.

From there, Michael and I raced until Michael landed on a "Turn Crank" space and used his cheese to place my token onto the "Cheese Wheel" space. He then turned the crank, the trap worked, and so he won - at least technically, because in actuality the game had already been declared invalidated.

Remark: after we finished playing, I wanted to make a video of the contraption working. Since Josh didn't get to crank the wheel during the game, he had the honor of turning it for the video. However, while the contraption worked twice without fail during the game, it now failed twice - both times at the very start of the trap. After a little adjustment, the ball started rolling on the third try and the contraption completed with success. Hooray!

*[20170526] My notes didn't specify when we learned that we had misread the rules. My best guess is after a couple of turns, and before the game was over.
**The rules specify that a player landing on a "Turn Crank" space may use his/her cheese to get an opposing mice onto the "Cheese Wheel" space when there are no opposing mice on the "Cheese Wheel" space. In this case, Josh was already on the "Cheese Wheel" space and so the ability to move another player there was not allowed.

Remark: [20170526] I had never played Mouse Trap before. I recall it being the same for both Josh and Michael.

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Mouse Trap (1963)

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