Pictionary Card Game (2010)

Pictionary Card Game was a lot of fun. It was fast-paced and everybody plays. The pace was much faster than traditional Pictionary. This game also focuses more on creativity, as opposed to drawing ability. Those weaker at drawing would certainly appreciate this aspect of the game. In addition, there is no die, so there is no luck involved. Simply the first to five wins. Both teams also get the same set of drawings, so the game is pretty fair. The game has winners of the previous round decide when to start. Thus the team is guaranteed preparation time.

Game 1:
SH Boomerang TT ; TT MadMen SH ; MT TopGun TT ; SH BrokenArrow MT ; TT Wool SH ; SH TT MT win.

Game 2:
MT Wipeout SH ; SH BlazingSaddles MT ; TT SuperBowl MT ; MT GasStation SH ; SH HighwayToHeaven TT ; SH TT MT win. End ~2109PST.

Game 3: (Kid Version)
TT Pumpkin SH [technically MT, because he said PumpkinPatch very early on] ; MT Valentine SH ; SH Dad MT ;; TH Backpack JK ; SN Mittens JK ; JK Earring SN ; TH Train SN ;; MT Sledding SH ;; JK SandCastle SN ; JK TH SN win. ~2116PST

I didn't like the kid version. By knowing the category, players would start guessing blindly. It would, however, as it's the kid version, be great for kids.

Game 4:
TT Survivor SH ; MT Airbag SH ;; JK RocketMan SN ;; TT Cathedral MT ; MT Radiohead SH ;; JK Lost SN ; TH GrandfatherClock JK ; SN X-men JK ;; SH A-team TT ; SH TT MT win. ~2129PST

A little question about the rules came up. The rules say something about being able to use gestures with the cards. Now I interpret that as using the cards as props. And so for X-men, a man was held up, and an "X" was drawn in the air. I felt that was silly, because then you could just hold any card and spell out the answer. But since it was accepted, then I think a similar thing was done for A-team. Though it wasn't spelt out with holding the cards, but with a finger crossing a symbol or perhaps several cards together. I don't remember anymore. In any case, that should be decided. Personally my vote is to not allow spelling letters. Of course it's just a game and mistakes happen. I was probably breaking rules every now and then.

Actually, it's funny because in discussing the gesture of the "X," someone asked about doing the same for A-Team. We didn't really come to a conclusion and when the next round started, I recall answering A-Team in a tone of disbelief.

Pictionary Card Game (2010)
Played 20120101 [SH TT MT]5 [JK TH SN]0. [SH TT MT] wins.
Played 20120101 [SH TT MT]5 [JK TH SN]0. [SH TT MT] wins.
Played 20120101 [SH TT MT]4 [JK TH SN]5. [JK TH SN] wins. (Kid Version)
Played 20120101 [SH TT MT]5 [JK TH SN]3. [SH TT MT] wins.

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