7 Wonders (2010)

Game 1 (20111217)
Game 2 (20111217)
Game 2 (20111217)
7 Wonders is a pretty fun game. I like games where everybody takes their turn simultaneously. After players have familiarized themselves with the various cards, then the game flow is one of the smoothest experiences one could ask for.

Michael - Ephesos (20120101)
In general, I definitely like when a game is inherently face-paced or somehow keeps all the players engaged. This contrasts with a game such as Bang! where a player eliminated during the game has little incentive to continue paying attention and is suddenly left out of the fun.

Chris - Halikarnassus (20120101)
I'm interested in the game mechanic. Instead of drafting a deck and playing with it, the draft is the game! At least that's how I would describe the overall game mechanic.

Tim - Babylon (20120101)
Unfortunately, I'm not sure how I feel about how many of the causal effects, if not all, deal only with players adjacent to you. [20150109] Your personal success in many games also depends on turn order. However, a quality of a balanced game is when your choices have a strong, nearly equal impact on all players. A quality of an unbalanced game is when your choices only affect the player after you or the players adjacent to you.

Admittedly, an unbalanced game can still be fun. In particular, unbalanced games mean there's a greater variance in who can win. There are, however, players who prefer games that are won through perfect gameplay.

In any case, I've only played 7 Wonders four times (as of 20150109) and for all I know, despite the local nature of the game, 7 Wonders may be quite balanced.

[20120212][20150109 Edit]
Phase 3 (20141221)
Steph - Alexandria (20141221)

20150109 Comment:
Note that some games which I find to be both balanced (especially via player impact) and fun are Agricola, Power Grid, and Dominion.
7 Wonders (2010)
Played 20111217 ????-2200PST Tiff [AlexandriaA] Steve[RhodosA] Josh[BabylonB] Michael[OlympiaB] Me[EphesosB].
Played 20111217 ????-2256PST Steve[AlexandriaB]63 Josh [HalikarnassosB]56 Michael[OlympiaB]58 Me[BabylonB]34. +Leaders Expansion. Steve won.

Phase 2 (20141221)
Played 20120101 2210-2244PST Steph[Giza]57 Michael[Ephesos]58 Josh[Rhodos]54 Chris[Halikarnassus]51 Steve[Alexandria]54 Me[Babylon]56. +Leaders Expansion. Michael won.
Played 20141221 2149-2256PT Thomas[TheGreatWallA]40 Steph[AlexandriaB]73 Michael[PetraB]67 Josh[BabylonB]47 Me[RhodosA]36. +Leaders Expansion. Steph won.

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