Flash Duel: Second Edition (2011)

I take one down, but it isn't enough to win the round.

I decided to give this game a try and it's fun. But my lack of desire to replay the game seems to enforce the idea that I'm currently much more interested in playing video games than board games. With that being said, I recommend you give the game a go when it becomes available for free online. Then if you like it, you can buy it. The website offers both a printed, boxed edition as well as a print-it-yourself version at a cheaper price.

The instructions of the game are clear and quite unambiguous. The design is compact and allows for different modes of play. Certain characters have weaknesses to others and either randomly picking or designing your own characters would help to make the game more fair. Playing the best 3 out of 5 (as given in the instruction manual) is also much better than the best 2 out of 3. It allows each player to make adjustments to the other player's abilities in time to make a comeback. It also diminishes the amount of luck that comes into play.

So far, I find playing aggressively outweighs playing defensively. Though certain players do better defensively.

I wrote: "I win in a simple game best of three. I won. Michael won. I won. Flash Duel. Fun and interesting strategy involved." 10:42 PM PDT

Note that a push only moves your opponent.

A mistake that I made is not knowing that a direct attack can only be blocked, while a dashing strike can be blocked or retreated from. Thus in most cases, a direct attack with a pair has a high chance of winning and a direct attack with a triple is a guaranteed win (unless the opponent has abilities that can help them escape).

I wrote: "If I had known sudden inspiration allowed Michael to ignore a block I would not have attacked, and instead I would have retreated. We arrive at another end game. I beat him with two fours drawn from the pile, making three fours to his one. So now we're 1 and 1. I won the last round by space progression." 11:14 PM PDT

I'm the Deathstrike Dragon! I don't remember the final score, but I'm pretty sure they won.

My chosen abilities were Dragon's Will, Necrotic Boost, Tempest, and Punish Insolence. Dragon's Will is pretty useful. In contrast, Punish Insolence is very specific and not so useful, at least not in the 2 vs. 1 mode. Necrotic Boost is less specific, but less useful than I thought it would be. Again, perhaps this is only in the 2 vs. 1 situation. Now that I think about it, Tempest also suffers from being less useful in the 2 vs. 1 game. In addition, under one circumstance, I stupidly took a hit in order to use the card with the goal of turning around and attacking. But somehow it backfired on me.

If I were to play 2 vs. 1 Deathstrike Dragon again, I'd choose Deep Breath, Bonecrusher, Perfect Counter, and Dragon's Will. Possibly instead of one of those cards I'd choose Black Diamond Hole.

The Deathstrike Dragon (me) dies.

I wrote: "I am Rook. Josh is Troq. Josh won first. He used his ability to take 5's. In the second game I used Thunderclap to win. Again. In the last round, I barely won by being further along the bridge." 11:56 PM PDT

Note: On 20120710, I went through the tutorial for Fantasy Strike, which is available online. It plays a bit like Dominion, where you build a deck from a common pile of actions and money. The printed game uses chips. Each character has three unique ability actions.

20120702 {Simple} Michael[1] me[2]
20120702 {Full} Michael(Valerie Rose)[1] me(Grave Stormborne)[2]
20120703 {Raid on Deathstrike Dragon} Michael(General Onimaru) Josh(Setsuki) me(Deathstrike Dragon)
20120706 {Full} Josh(Troq Bashar)[1] me(Garus Rook)[3]
Flash Duel: Second Edition

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