Overview: A party game where players are given roles which include Mafioso (a member of the Mafia) and citizens.* The Mafiosi's goal is to eliminate all the non-Mafia players and vice versa. Other invented roles include doctor, police, and judge.

*There may be similar names for these roles.
This game is loads of fun. There's a lot of strategies one can build, but its hard to pinpoint when they will work. Perhaps it's a matter of execution. The best players will be those that can truly read faces or body language. Personally, I found I acted much differently as a Mafioso than I did as a citizen.

Game 1:
Citizens kill Jordan (Mafioso).
: Nose Goes kills Jordan. :p
Mafia kills Tim.
Citizens kill Miles (Mafioso).
Citizens win.

Game 2:
Citizens kill Chris (Mafioso).
Mafia kills Tim.
Citizens kill Xin.
Mafia kills Vitaly (police).
Citizens kill Lauren (Mafioso).
Citizens win.
11:31PM ET

Game 3:
Citizens kill Xin (citizen).
: He's gotten the same citizen card three times now!
Mafia kill Chris.
Citizens kill John (police).
: He didn't even defend himself.
Mafia kill Miles.
Citizens kill Jordan (citizen).
Mafia win.
: John died without defending himself, because he was protecting Lauren!
: Bex was the second Mafioso.
11:50PM ET

Game 4:
Citizens kill Tim (citizen).
Mafia kill John.
Citizens kill Vitaly (Mafioso).
: Lauren claims she is the police and points out that Vitaly is a Mafioso. As he was, she gains credibility.
Mafia kill Lauren (police).
Citizens kill Bex (Mafioso).
Citizens win.
12:02AM ET

Game 5:
Citizens kill Xin (citizen).
Mafia kill Miles.
Citizens kill Tim (Mafioso).
: Chenyang tries to throw the citizens off by participating in my demise.
Mafia kill Vitaly.
Citizens kill Chenyang (Mafioso).
: I thought his plan worked, but according to my notes, it didn't.
Citizens win.
12:14 AM ET

Game 6:
Citizens kill Vitaly (citizen).
Mafia kill John.
Citizens kill Chris (Mafioso).
: Xin, accused of being Mafioso, released information that Chris was Mafioso.
Mafia kill Xin (police).
Citizens kill Chenyang (citizen).
: I was so sure that Chenyang was Mafioso by the way he acted. Then so perhaps I was acting too hysterically.
Mafia kill Jordan.
: We were left with Miles, Bex, and myself.
Citizens kill Tim (citizen).
Mafia win.
: Bex was Mafioso.
: Vitaly noted that Xin had suspected Bex was Mafioso.
12:34 AM ET

20210902 Comment:
I was reading the Wikipedia article and found the game theory interesting (specifically the mathematical study and results in live play sections). Reading the article also prompted me to change certain instances of the word "Mafia" to "Mafioso" - as well as ensuring the words "Mafia" and "Mafioso" were capitalized.
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