Pandemic (2008)

20100601 Game 1:
The first game we played, we thought it wouldn't matter that a bunch of the Africa countries wouldn't spread the disease. But they still set each other off during outbreaks. Because of this, lost because the outbreak counter reached the skull. We started at about 5:20 PM. I read the rules once before but had to reread them. That and setup was probably thirty minutes prior to us starting. We finished at 6:18 PM.

Loss :(.

20100601 Game 2:
The second game we played, we cured blue immediately. But we thought we could just leave it in small quantities with low priority. By the end of the game, blue almost destroyed us on the outbreak meter. Country after country came out, filling the blues up to three. One more outbreak would have killed us. We started setup at about 6:30 PM. We finished the game at 7:11 PM.




20101218 Game 1:

We played the first game in the morning. We were luck in terms of having a first turn cure for black, which after we cured it, became the virulent strain. However, while off dealing with other things, yellow quickly blew up in our faces. There was massive outbreaks. The first chain reaction was just two outbreaks, but that filled up all of yellow. Then there was another outbreak. Or I don't remember the exact sequence leading to our demise, but the point is we probably needed to act a turn or two sooner.

20101218 Game 2:
Hong Kong caused the Outbreak marker to go to 8 (perhaps past 8).

The second game was quick. We played in 20 min, partially because we had to finish in time for dinner. We had a bad sequence of draws. This time the virulent strain effects in combination with some early outbreaks, it was hard to move around Asia. Thus, while we knew where the problem cities were, we had trouble getting to them while also getting the cure, because that requires a research station which wasn't near the problem cities. Outbreaks of the virulent strain were also going by 2.


At first I pulled Scientist and Lynn pulled Generalist, to which I said, let's not be these people and redraw. In any case, I went along with what Steve and I identified last time, in trying to reduce the places with three disease cubes first. Things were going fairly well. Until at some point we were nearing the end of the cards. We had to conserve blues and blacks. In doing so, we had to sacrifice treating dangerous areas. If we treated the areas, we would have lost by drawing all the cards. Thus it was a risk to make the end scramble for the cure. However, black disease cubes were running down and with Lynn's power we knew we had to deal with Riyadh. On my turn after some thought, I correctly decided to treat Algiers. However, I pulled the last epidemic card, and there was no way we would survive the intensify step. The game is much better suited for more players. Mainly for the spread around the map.

Also, we should have built more research stations early on for movement. We ended up having to discard cards anyways, might as well have used a couple to build research stations.

So anyways in this game we cured yellow, then red. Then at game's loss we had the five blue and five black needed to cure blue and black. I was one space away from a research station. So I would go, cure, move the one space over to Lynn, give her a blue. On her turn, she would get the fifth blue from me, walk to the research station, and find the cure for blue.

I thought it was a close game.

20110108 Game 1:

20110108 Game 2:

20110116 Game 1:

20110116 Game 2:
We automatically eradicate blue when we find a cure for it, because there are no blue disease cubes on board. We eradicate yellow a turn or two after we find a cure for it. We could have ended the game about two or three turns earlier, but we decided to go for the end game of treating all purple disease cubes instead of finding the cure. Just because we had eradicated all the other diseases.



Played 20100601 Game 1 1720-1818PDT 0hr58min Stephanie (Dispatcher) Josh (Medic) Me (Scientist). Stephanie first. Introductory. We lost.
Played 20100601 Game 2 1830-1911PDT 0hr41min Stephanie (Operation Expert) Josh (Researcher) Me (Scientist). Me first. Introductory. We won!
Played 20100702 Steve (Operation Expert) Stephanie (Researcher) Michael (Scientist) Me (Medic). ? first. Normal. We lost.
Played 20101129 Ryan (Medic) Me (Containment Specialist -> Troubleshooter). Me first. Normal + Virulent Strain + Mutation. We lost.
Played 201012?? Mark (Operations Expert) Me (Researcher). Me first. Ryan (Bio-terrorist). Normal + Bio-Terrorist. Ryan won.
Played 20101218 Game 1 Steve (Containment Specialist) Me (Generalist). Me first. Normal + Virulent Strain. We lost.

After setup, yet to play.
Played 20101218 Game 2 Steve (Researcher) Me (Scientist). Me first. Normal + Virulent Strain. We lost.
Played 20101225 Lynn (Troubleshooter) Me (Containment Specialist -> Researcher). Me first. Normal. We lost.
Played 20110108 Game 1 MaiAnh (Field Operative) Kim (Epidemiologist) Lynn (Operations Expert) Me (Containment Specialist). Me first. Normal. We lost.
Played 20110108 Game 2 2300-2336PST 0hr36min Kim (Scientist) MaiAnh (Troubleshooter) Lynn (Researcher) Me (Medic). Normal. We lost.
Played 20110116 Game 1 2126-2217EST 0hr51min Ryan (Researcher) Me (Generalist). Me first. Normal + Virulent Strain. We won.
Played 20110116 Game 2 2218-2315EST 0hr57min Ryan (Scientist) Me (Medic). Me first. Normal + Virulent Strain + Mutation. We won.

Planning our next move.
Played 20110121 2339-2444EST 1hr05min Ryan (Dispatcher) Me (Archivist). Me first. Heroic + Virulent Strain + Mutation. We lost.
Played 20110123 1938-2042EST 1hr04min Ryan (Medic) Me (Researcher). Me first. Heroic + Virulent Strain + Mutation. We won!

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