Witch's Brew

I was the only one with a spare amulet at the end of the game. This was a waste. I probably could have gotten two more points by using a potion together with my one gold to brew a three-point potion instead of using that potion to buy a vial. While I still would have finished last, its something to think for future games.

In Witch's Brew, I suspect the player of greatest concern is the player to your right. When you go first, the person to your right will have the last call on becoming you. Thus, you should choose cards in such a way that you can win and obtain rights to going first. Then, when you're first, you can play cards which you don't expect the person to your right to have, and also the players in between to call "So be it."

Besides Witch's Brew main game mechanic (which is interesting but unexplained in this entry), an important aspect of the game is knowing how your opponents will play. Rather than figuring out strategies based on probabilities or strategies independent of all possible players, I suspect a balanced starting strategy that can be adapted on the fly is would work well.

One post on BoardGameGeek.com mentioned that the early 2 victory points for 1 ingredient is a real good deal. He/she also suggested trying to always keep at least two gold. He/she was also talking about the player who chooses first is at a disadvantage, and the one going second is only slightly better off. Finally, the poster also felt that if you go first, then you should lead with a red role. These seemed like reasonable strategies.

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Today I was hanging out with my friends and they decided to play Witch's Brew. I was not, however, interested in playing it, so I just sat around and watched while playing on my computer.

Played 20100531 Tiffany (21) Josh (24) Stephanie (23) Me (18). Josh first. Josh won. [Amulets] and [Ability Cards]
(Sort of) Watched 20141224 Tiffany Josh Steve Michael Thomas Stephanie.
Witch's Brew

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