Icehouse: World War 5

We started the game at about 9:32 PM. I died at 9:42 PM; Stephanie had pushed my last guy out of my continent. The large pieces are important for pushing. Keeping people on your continent is also important. Josh won at 9:48 PM.

20100525 - end of second game

We started a second game at about 9:55 PM. We used the rule where we have to go in order, placing our smallest piece first. Josh won at 10:16 PM. He got two pieces onto Africa, and then kept fighting for the third spot until he got it. A large against a large is pretty useful.

Note: I was perplexed about how the mechanics of just having to move a piece to an empty territory or shrinking a piece down one during combat can be detrimental. However, once you play the game, you realize that it does work. In fairness, it was hard to see that the mechanics implemented work prior to playing the game, because my mind was fixated on the mechanics of Risk, which this game is roughly a derivative of; in Risk, you keep attacking until you get the territory you want. In this game, the fact that you only get one action a turn is critical.

During our two games, we didn't run into the scenario of a large shrinking into a small. I'm guessing the reason for this was because we were playing a 3-player game and so we had more territories around the board. For the second game I suggested we add a dummy player to take up some of the territories, but Josh didn't like the idea and Stephanie wasn't paying attention. For where a dummy player should move, random numbers could be assigned to the adjacent territories. I thought of the dummy player, because in Risk they have a set of rules for a 2-player game that adds a dummy player.

Notation: The number denotes the order the continents were picked. The order of the names is the turn order.
Played 20100525 Stephanie (2:America) Josh (1:Africa) Me (3:Australia). Me first (Dice Roll). Josh won.
Played 20100525 Stephanie (2:America) Josh (1:Asia) Me (3:Europe). Stephanie first (Dice Roll). Josh won.
Icehouse: World War 5 (2008)

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