20100522 Endgame

once before:
I think I have the order correct, but it was so long ago. This was back when Stephanie lived at her old house. Michael was around. But I'm pretty sure he decided just to play Mario Kart with Kimmy. Tiffany had wanted to play, but it was close to her bedtime, and so she was only allowed to watch a little. Daniel came after we started playing, so he watched.

Some of the fun action cards:
We all had to call each other by endearing nicknames that we gave each other.
We ended the game early, but I recall being furthest ahead before we ended.

Furthest along the board to least: Steve, Josh, Kimberly and Tim, Tiffany, Stephanie, and Spencer.

Some of the fun action cards:
Tiffany had to keep a wedgie or else take a penalty of 3 spaces.
TIffany had to comment on Spencer's actions in a golf commentator voice during Spencer's turn.
Spencer had to play peek-a-boo with whoever spoke to him.
Kimmy had to laugh whenever somebody else laughed.
Josh had to wear his belt around his head.
I had to keep an elbow on the table.
We all had to stand up and say "Pizza Party" whenever a doorbell or phone rang. Last one to do so takes a penalty of 1 space.
When Steve was at the finish, he pulled a card that required either listing off dude flicks or chick flicks. He choose dude flicks and we were going forever, but mainly just naming somewhat guy movies period. Partially because we didn't want Steve to win. Then I called Josh, and Steve too the "Pizza Party" penalty. Spencer took the penalty for the movie card. When it got to Josh's turn, he decided to end the game and let Steve win: Josh pulled a card that required him to sing a song that has a name in it, and then replace that name with someone else's name, but the Quelf Effect was the person whose name is used can moved forward or backwards three.

I should read the rules to the game sometime.

[20100522, 20100523]
Played once before Phuong Steve Josh Chris Stephanie Me. Ended game early.
Played 20100522 Steve Tiffany Spencer Kimberly Josh Stephanie Me. Steve won.

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