200906XX (In Progress)
Deducing from the above two pictures, near the end of the game I was furthest ahead and Josh trailed behind me. The other three are clumped together a way behind Josh. Though that was the case near the end of the game, its possible things could have swung to another player by game's end. I'd say there would have been a 50% chance that I won this game, 40% chance that Josh won it, and a 10% chance that somebody else won it.

We played from about 11 to 1. The three-player game is pretty fun. I thought things went more smoothly. In fact, BoardGameGeek has Caylus as being best with three players.

20100525 (End)
So what did I learn today?
Going along the building line of the prestige block is advantageous in the long run. The money strategy isn't a strong one. Having the objective of building the really good buildings (blue tiles) is a good goal. Building in the castle when each is worth 5 points is helpful. The strategy of taking the prestige spot isn't a good one. Don't put your person on the bridge early if the person in the inn has money to spend for their workers. It gives them a big advantage. In fact, that is good strategy in and of itself, use the inn and put yourself to go first most turns. Perhaps you can let someone else have either of those for one or two turns, but do compete for those two positions. Playing a balanced game is better than an imbalanced game. Keep up with the average. That is, if the majority of the players have four coin, keep four coin. If the majority of people have two castles behind the wall, do the same. If the majority of people have built an orange building, you should too. (Let's see, there's orange tiles, gray tiles, green tiles, and blue tiles.)

Side Remark: I was also playing much more casually than I usually do. In fact, I've been playing a lot of games much more casually. Reasons?
1) While taking time to think might lead to better decisions and winning, it causes other players to become bored. Thus, I am attempting to quicken my game decision-making skills in order to make the games more enjoyable for the players around me, and hence myself.
2) Doing math requires thinking, and so its nice to play a game and not think too much.
3) There's a new aspect to playing games that doesn't matter whether I win or lose a game, and that's blogging about them.

[20100526 11 AM]

Note to self: find a camera phone picture of first game of Caylus

Caylus box
XXXXXXXX Chris Steve Josh Kevin Me. I won. (first time ever at Gameology)
perhaps one or two other times
200906XX Phuong (Bl) Stephanie (Red) Josh (Gr) Michael (Bl) Me (Or)
20090822 Phuong Stephanie Daniel Steve Me 
20100525 Stephanie (Red)(73) Josh (Gr)(93) Me (Bl)(71). Josh won. 
Caylus (2005)

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