Icehouse: Pikemen

At first, I set up the three-player game on a regular (2-player) chessboard. But then I noticed the four-player game on a regular chessboard has the same game pieces setup as Martian Chess. Thus, I decided to use the 3-player Martian Chess setup for our first ever game of Pikemen. You can print out your own Martian Chessboard. My first comment is to say that like Chess and Martian Chess, I am always making moves that incorrectly predict what will happen. For Pikemen, this happened most when I thought I could protect or capture a piece, only to find either Stephanie or Josh (but mostly Stephanie) putting the piece into defense position after capturing. D'oh! Pinning became important when the opponent is forced to reorient their piece from defense to attack. In the end, I can see why this game is recommended to be a two-player game. Either that or play in multiples of two for team play.

Note: it takes a little change in thinking when playing this game right after Martian Chess.

Played 20100525 Josh (6) Stephanie (13) Tim (11). Josh (tallest) first. Stephanie won. 3-player chessboard.
Icehouse: Pikemen

Relevant Links: Check out the Icehouse: Pikemen page @
Check out the Icehouse: Pikemen page @


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