Pusoy Dos

Overview (Wikipedia):
This card game has many names, including Big Deuce, Big Two, Thirteen (names used mainly in Australia and USA), Tien Len (Vietnamese), Top Dog, Da Lao Er (Mandarin Chinese), Sho Tai Ti, Choh Dai Di, Dai Di (Cantonese), Cap Sa (Hokkien, used in Indonesia), and Pusoy Dos (a Philippine variant of the game).

Remark: Pusoy Dos should not be confused with Pusoy, a.k.a. Chinese Poker.
Remark: I'm not sure why Pusoy Dos has a separate page on Wikipedia from Big Two, as the only difference I can tell is in the suit order.
Remark: Wikipedia lists Big Two as having the name Tien Len (or Thirteen), but those are actually different enough to not be considered variants. The difference between Big Two and Tien Len is the use of poker hands and scoring. Perhaps I should edit the Wikipedia page. But still provide a link to Tien Len, I grew up with that... (I learned it in fourth grade from my aunt and uncles when they came over from Vietnam).

I didn't get any cool poker hands. The best were straights, but the straights were so high, it rendered the rest of my hands near useless. Though it was fun and a good alternative to Tien Len (Thirteen). Though we ended before the game reached 100, the current scores were Kimmy (8) Stephanie (32) Josh (35) Me (31).

[20091227 3:41 PM]

Played 20091227 Kimmy Stephanie Josh Me. Incomplete game.
Pusoy Dos
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