Carcassonne (2000)

Overview: Take turns laying down tiles to build the city of Carcassonne.

20091215: Who will win?

This game is fun. I've played it twice before, and today I decided to just watch.

Apparently a rule I missed when playing previously, which I learned while watching today, is that if an object (road, castle, cluster) is completed, you remove the parties involved. This serves as an incentive for completing an object before the end of the game.

It also seems that farms shouldn't be overlooked, as the points they contribute towards the endgame can make for a surprise win.

20091215: End game.

[20091219 3:16 PM][20211227 Edit]
Stephanie and I were battling over the big farmland. There were 7 castles connected to this plot and the final move shifted it from a tie to mine (3 to 4). Had Stephanie tied, then she would have 96 points. I was prompted to try and stay ahead, because there were various areas that could have pulled Stephanie ahead. Had I let Stephanie pull ahead, I would be looking at 89 points (110 minus 21).

However, I could have played this game differently due to the following:
1) There was this one plot that I could have finished for Daniel which would have given me an extra meeple
2) I forgot to remove a meeple on a completed castle
3) I had an unused meeple

[20100103][20211227 Edit]
This was Caroline's first game. While I won the game, she played well. Of course I gave appropriate suggestions, e.g., "This is what I would do...".* Although not meant to give me any advantages, some of those suggestions inadvertently would end up helping me. For example, I was explaining to Caroline how to get in on increasing the number of farmers for a field segment in order to counter or at least keep up with my attempt to increase my number of farmers on a field segment. However, what I didn't realize was that any tile that would connect her farmer to the field segment would also connect one of my farmers to the field segment. At least she ended up having an equal number of farmers on that specific field segment. I pointed out at the end of the game that she would have won the game if she had been able to win over that field segment for herself. Though I wouldn't have given it up so easily.

In any case, for this game I emphasized that the points of the game can swing quickly, especially at the end of the game with incomplete structures and all the field segments. So while a player may not get points immediately for field segments and such segments take more planning, they can be worth it.

I let Caroline borrow Carcassonne and Lost Cities.

*When I play any game where there is someone who hasn't played that game before, I will play it in the most instructive way possible. This includes making it as enjoyable to him/her as possible. This doesn't require letting them win. Rather, it requires showing them how to go about winning (with respect to my personal strategies). For example, I'll try to recall my past experiences with the game as they come up. I also avoid too many details all at once, since that will only confuse a new player.

[20100523][20211227 Edit]
Wheel of Fortune (20110124)

Ryan owns an edition of Carcassonne called Carcassonne: Wheel of Fortune. [*] I thought the game was interesting. The Wheel of Fortune mechanic allows more options for meeple use. In terms of the game we played, it was a close game throughout. However, I was a little unlucky: had I been able to draw a cathedral, I think I would have won.

With that being said, at one point in the game I had a "pasture, castle, pasture, road" tile and placed it down to complete a castle for 4 points. However, I could have placed it to complete a road for 5 points. On the following turn, Ryan completed the road for 5 points. This mistake was entirely under my control (no luck involved) and so that's on me.

Note that the reason the point total is given as "X" and "X+1" is because the farmer event on the Wheel of Fortune took place during the game and we didn't bother to add the points that cancelled. Then at the end of the game we continued not to bother to add the points that cancelled. As such, we only know the difference in our scores, and the actual total is unknown. I'm guessing we would have had at least 150 points, because our total without the cancelled points was about 130 points.

*The post originally said "It was also his first time playing." While the "also" would imply the statement "It was my first time playing," I have played Carcassonne before. So it's possible the statement specifically refers to the Wheel of Fortune mechanic. Due to the ambiguity, I've removed the statement.

[20101215][20211227 Edit]
Having played the game several times before, I had the advantage. But between MaiAnh and Lynn, it was a close game.

We all had several meeples left over at the end of the game, which was inefficient. In particular, I think newer players don't grasp the strength of farmland. Since I was ahead, I didn't need to dominate the huge farmland. If I did, that would have cost MaiAnh a lot of points. What was unlucky for Lynn was that MaiAnh kept drawing the "road, road, road, grass" Lynn needed to get two of her meeples back. Note that "road, road, road, city" wouldn't have worked since MaiAnh had blocked that possibility off with a tile. It was fun watching and hearing the grunts of disappoint and the cheers of the right draw.

[20101225][20211227 Edit]
First time playing with these expansions. I think we all liked the expansions and that they improved the game.

133 144 163 186 Base
 04  00  08  00 Road
 07  00  22  05 Cloister
 03  00  00  05 Cities
 30  21  03  03 Farm w/o Pig
 00  28  00  16 Farm w/Pig
__G ___ _C_ B__ Extra
187 193 206 225 Total

At one point there was a big city worth 57 points. Josh and I got in on that action. In fact, we were fighting over it, and then he threatened to dominate it. My only choice at that point was to play against it. Luckily the tile came up that separated us. Eventually it was completed and we each got a man and a builder back.

I don't completely understand whether it is more beneficial to work together or compete in such circumstances. If we both lost out on that city, I think I still would have won and Josh would have lost. On a related note, I feel Steve and Michael should have tried harder to sabotage that city while Josh should have helped me complete it when it was smaller. In particular, I placed the cathedral there with the mindset that he was going to help complete it.

However, if Josh pulled the tile to connect into the city I would have lost on 57 points, and he would have gotten 4 less points plus 3 points for a net 56 points. In this hypothetical situation, we concluded (after the game) he would have won by 3 points. However, on 20101231, I realized that in the situation where he dominated the city, I would have had an incentive to finish it for the goods and my knight and builder back. If that happen then Josh might not have gained the 20 points for goods. It would have been a different game.

 84  87  89 119 Base
 00  02  00  00 Road
 08  11  08  08 Cloister (08;07,04;08;08)
 06  10  01  00 Cities (06;01,09;01;00)
 03  12  06  48 Farm w/o Pig (03;03,06,03;06;09,12,12,09,06)
 00  00  12  00 Farm w/Pig
___ _CG ___ B_G Extra
101 142 116 195 Total

[20101231][20211227 Edit]
The River (20110124)

Today Ryan I played with various expansions including The River. We probably could have done without the Wheel of Fortune. Possibly keep the tiles, but omit the Wheel of Fortune itself.

In any case, the game ended in being such a big board! It was my first time playing with The River expansion. I'm not sure how much it changed the gameplay, but it was definitely aesthetically pleasing.

448 424 Base
 00  00 Road
 00  00 Cloister
 11  00 Cities
 00  27 Farm w/o Pig (My 27 is from 9 and 18)
 48  20 Farm w/Pig
 20  10 Extra from WBC
527 481 Total
332 050 WBC

Gigantic End Game (20110124)

[20110418][20110420][20211227 Edit]
Played 200XXXXX Xuehua Arash Me. (I don't remember turn order, I don't remember who went first, I don't remember who won). [Basic]
Played 200XXXXX Pescador Kristen Me. (I don't remember turn order, I don't remember who went first, game was left incompleted). [Basic]
Watched 20091215 Phuong Daniel Stephanie Josh Steve. [from Steve's comment 20091220:] Stephanie first. Stephanie won. [Basic]
Played 20100103 Daniel (65) Stephanie (75) Me (110). Stephanie first. I won. [Basic]
Played 20100518 Caroline Me. I won. [Basic]
Played 20101213 Ryan (X+1) Me (X). Me first. Ryan won. [Wheel of Fortune]
Played 20101224 MaiAnh (86) Lynn (83) Me (103). MaiAnh first. I won. [Basic]
Played 20101227 Michael (187) Daniel (193) Stephanie (206) Me (225). Daniel first. I won. [Basic][Traders & Builders][Inns & Cathedrals]
Played 20101228 2237-2411PST 1hr34min Michael (101) Josh (142) Steve (116) Me (195). Michael first. I won. [Basic][Traders & Builders][Inns & Cathedrals]
Played 20110124 2126-2421EST 2hr55min Ryan (526) Me (481). Ryan first. Ryan won. [Basic][River][Wheel of Fortune][Traders & Builders][Inns & Cathedrals][Bridges, Castles, and Bazaars]

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