Lost Cities: The Board Game

I'm not sure which game I enjoy more, Lost Cities, or Lost Cities: The Board Game. In terms of number of players, then we would have to compare two sets of Lost Cities making the four-player version with Lost Cities: The Board Game. Both games rely heavily on luck. Luck can swing the game dramatically. Sometimes when you play a card, the next card you pick up is the card lower than the one you played. Sometimes you have a terrible hand, e.g., all high cards. If you play the card you lose, if you discard it, you lose.

With four players, the person right after you has the advantage. With Lost Cities: The Board Game, one strategy could be to put your 2x man on the path with the most Artifact bonuses and play the path with the most jump bonuses. Using the jumps towards the 2x man. Turn order is of big importance, as going first gives you first grabs on artifact bonuses. Though a strategic response is to not play that path, if you're after artifacts. The point bonuses don't seem that profitable. A jump for a 2x man from say 35 to 50 is 30 points. That's more than a 10 and 15 point bonus combined.

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I was first to play. Then Josh ended the first round. So Kevin started the second round. Then Kevin ended the second round, so I started the third round. Finally... I ended the third round.

End game I had 8 treasures for 40 points, Josh had 9 treasures for 70 points, and Kevin had 4 treasures for -5 points.

Prior to that bonus I had 485 points, Josh had 560 points, and Kevin had 285 points.

Had I remembered that bonuses don't count on the round ending move, I would have ended the game a round earlier, then Josh would have gotten 1 less treasure and hence 30 less points, and 30 less points from the jump of 35 to 50 with his 2x man. That would bring him to 570 total. I would have gotten 5 less points from one of my men, for a score of 520 total. In any case he still wins, but at least I would close the spread.

I hadn't played Lost Cities in a while, and I've only played the Board Game once before, so I didn't remember whether it was better to hold cards at the cost of your own sake, or to let go cards once in a while. Kevin let a lot of cards to a color go, which was usually good for me. But sometimes if I couldn't use it, then Josh would benefit, and I had no control on the situation. So like I said on 20091216, turn order is really important in this game, and effectively hurts it.


Numbers represent end score.
Played 20091216 Josh (~330) Stephanie (~350) Daniel (400+) Me (310). Daniel first. Daniel won.
Played 20110104 Josh (630) Kevin (280) Me (525). Me first. Josh won.
Lost Cities: The Board Game

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