Cthulhu Rising

This game is pretty fun. Though like Lost Cities, it is dependent on luck. Many times, I knew what I couldn't do, or what I had to do, as opposed to what I'd like to do. (The same goes with Lost Cities. But sometimes you just need that type of short, relaxing game.) Which is partially due to the opponent forcing my hand. But if this gets repeated, then the game feels unbalanced. Perhaps I'd modify the game, to take up two tiles at a time. This gives you and your opponent a choice, increasing strategy, reducing luck. But since you might rack up more points, extend the automatic victory to 15, or whatever seems reasonable. Or modify the point values for something.

Mentioned at BoardGameGeek: Game can be played with two deck of cards.

I would set it up like this: Use A-10, separate the reds and the blacks. Use one set of A-10 in reds and A-10 in blacks to line the top, the scoring. You can use a joker for the point marker I guess. The one downside is that cards take up a lot more space than the tiles. However, when packed away, two deck of cards take up less space and can play more games.

My mind was too fixated on playing the offensive that I screwed myself over on the defensive end. Next time I play, I would try to prevent color and four-in-a-row situations, and if possible three-in-a-row situations.

[Actual Post Date and Time 12/21/09 11:22 AM]
Played 20091220 Josh Me. Josh first. Me 6 points. Josh first. Josh 3 points. Josh first. Josh 3 points. Tie game.
Played 20091221 Kevin Me. Me 9 points. Kevin 10 points. Kevin 10 points. Kevin wins.
Cthulhu Rising

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