Bang! the Bullet!

Besides Chris, it was our first time playing Bang. And this was just the original game, no expansions.



We've played this game many times. They have played more than I have of course. And I think by this point, we can mostly tell who is what role by the way they play. The only thing that changes from time to time is an improved interpretation of the cards or rules. For example, one time we realized that there is a difference between Bang! and Bang! cards. During this game, Steve asked if there was a loophole with respect to one of the High Noon cards. I analyzed what the card said, and pointed out that it should only affect the player whose turn it is, not all other players. Though we kind of fixed it, I was still left wondering what counts as a discarded card. Looking up the rules just now, the card is played, the effect is resolved, and then the card is discarded.

[20091218 12:14 AM]

When playing with 7 people, there are two deputies and as such, it is dangerous to steal from the Sheriff even, because then both the Sheriff and the other Deputy will attack you. What happened was I punished Josh by taking one of his cards for helping Kevin and Steve on the premise of being good to him. But this put me on the bad end and Josh attacked me, and at some point Daniel attacked me. And then I think Stephanie killed me. Maybe Josh killed me. It's funny, because at one point, Daniel joked, "What if the Deputy took something from you?" And of course I have to go along with the joke, cause you shouldn't give away who you are. But Phuong knew I was a Deputy. Come on people... Haha.

{Game End: Stephanie plays dynamite. Dynamite moves to Daniel. Dynamite moves to Josh. High Noon Card: Dead Man, Steve comes back to life. Josh draws for Dynamite. Josh dies.}

D'oh, I decided in this game, to try and make a fast break on the Sheriff. One problem: Josh's power is powerful and the Sheriff gets to choose any player's power for a round at the start of each round. Darn Suzy Lafayette. But I did find something that should limit the power of Suzy Lafayette just one notch (

Q: Can you discard cards you don’t want, even if it lowers your hand size below the number of bullets you have?
A: No. You cannot just discard cards you don’t want, even if they aren’t useful (such as “Beer” when only 2 players are left alive). Besides, it’s good to keep those “useless” cards because they provide some protection against losing a good card if you are the victim of a “Cat Balou” or “Panic” card.
Unfortunately, there are ways around the above (I would ignore the clause regarding the beer in the above answer):

Q: Can you play a card that has no effect? Like a “Beer” card when there are only two players? Or a “Bang” card when everyone is out of range?
A: Although the Guru doesn’t see any benefit from this, yes, you can play a card that does nothing. The card is essentially wasted.

And finally,

Q: Suzy Lafayette can draw a card as soon as she has no cards in hand. You’re allowed to discard cards at the end of your turn. Can she discard all her cards, draw one, discard that, draw another, discard that, etc.?
A: Actually, discarding at the end of your turn is not a MAY, it is a MUST. You MUST discard down to your hand limit (the number of life points you have left, normally). You MAY NOT discard any more cards than that, even if you want to.

(Game End: Stephanie and Josh are left. High Noon: Russian Roulette. Stephanie plays a miss, draws a card, Josh plays a miss, and Stephanie dies. There might have been one more round of misses in there, but the point being, Stephanie dies. Apparently Russian Roulette never goes well for Stephanie.)

The situation with two dynamites and two people came up. I had read about the dynamite alternating, but hadn't read about what to do with two people. I looked it up at Kevin's house. This is how it reads in the Bang: Dodge City rules:

if your Dynamite does not explode, pass it to the first player to your left who does not already have a Dynamite in front of him (no player can ever have two identical cards face up in front of him).

Thus, with two players and two dynamite, if the Dynamite does not explode, then passing it to the first player who does not already have a Dynamite in front of him results in passing it to yourself. You lift the card up. The other player has one. Next to your left is yourself. And you no longer have one. So you place it down.


So Daniel killed Spencer.
Then when it got to Kimmy's turn... Kimmy was Sheriff and with her character she had 5 bullets. She hoarded plenty of equipment. With her ability she also got a lot of cards. Then She killed Stephanie, an outlaw, for cards. Then Daniel. Then Josh. So Sheriff wins.


Two small details regarding this game. First, we started High Noon a round late. Second, two players left early, which wasn't a big deal, since Chris and I were already dead and so we took their place. The only change to the High Noon expansion deck was adding in Dead Man from the A Fistful of Cards expansion.

Jourdonnais the Outlaw (Chris) dies.
Claus the Saint the Renegade (me) dies. I'm pretty sure Josh killed me with the equipment I gave him.
(JoshC->Chris, Joann->me) Joann and JoshC had to leave, so I take Joann's place and Chris takes JoshC's place.
Kit Carlson the Outlaw (Melanie) dies.
Chuck Wengam the Deputy (JoshC->Chris) dies.
Jourdonnais the Outlaw (Chris) lives!
Jourdonnais the Outlaw (Chris) dies.
Willy the Kid the Outlaw (JoshK) dies at the hands of Claus the Saint the Renegade a Dead Man (me).
Bill Noface the Sheriff (Joann->me) and Paul Regret the Deputy (Steph) celebrate victory.

While Paul Regret survives, he definitely took a couple of friendly fire shots. The Sheriff doesn't play the game well and so just played it safe and weakened Paul Regret, just in case.


Vera Custer (Tiffany) the Outlaw is killed by Apache Kid (me) the Sheriff for attacking him within the first or second round of the game. Lesson of the day: don't piss off the Apache Kid.
Slab the Killer (Michael) the Outlaw is killed by (Josh).
Calamity Jane (Stephanie) the Outlaw is killed by Sid Ketchum (Kimmy).
(Josh) the Deputy is killed by Sid Ketchum (Kimmy).
Sid Ketchum (Kimmy) the Deputy is killed by Pixie Pete (Chris) the Renegade.
Pixie Pete (Chris) the Renegade is killed by Apache Kid (me) the Sheriff.

If the Sheriff wins:
the Sheriff wins $1500 for every Outlaw;
the Deputies win $1000 for every Outlaw if they survived, and $700 if they died;
the Renegade wins $400 for every player if he died last, leaving the Sheriff alive alone.
If the Outlaws win:
the Renegade, if he is still alive at the end of the game, wins $300 for each player in the game;
the Outlaws, if they are alive, win $1000 for each Outlaw in the game, dead or alive; otherwise they win $800 for each Outlaw in the game.
If the Renegade wins:
the Sheriff wins $100 for each player in the game
the Renegade wins $1500 for each player in the game
Extra Penalty:
if a deputy kills a Sheriff, he loses $5000

I wrote: "Jonathon is Bart Cassidy (Sheriff); Josh is Kit Carlson (Deputy); Tim is Black Jack (2) (Deputy); Steph is Jess Jones (5) (Renegade); Chris is Molly Stark (4) (Outlaw); Joann is Uncle Will (1) Outlaw; Michael is Jordainaire (3) (Outlaw)." 1:06 AM

Joann, first to day, goes out with a bang, though I can't remember if she tries to take out Michael or Jonathon. Then by the time Josh and I figured each other to be deputy, he needed to kill me and take everybody's health down.

Note that we didn't use the blue equipment cards and didn't play with High Noon (scenario cards).

Overall I think this game of Bang! went quite well.


Numbers represent order of death. (L) denotes a player coming back to life due to Dead Man.
Played 20081227 Steve (Sheriff) Josh (Deputy) Stephanie (Renegade) Kevin (Deputy) Phuong (Outlaw) Me (Outlaw) Chris (Outlaw)
many unrecorded
Played 20090707 Stephanie Daniel Josh Phuong Michael Me
Played 20090723 Stephanie Daniel Josh Phuong Chris Me
Played 20090801 JonWest Daniel Josh Steve Stanley Chris Me
Played 20091216 Josh (Sheriff) Me (Outlaw)(3) Phuong (Outlaw)(4) Steve (Deputy)(2) Daniel (Outlaw)(1) Stephanie (Renegade)(5). Sheriff wins. Josh $4500, Steve $2100, Stephanie $2400.
Played 20091218 Josh (Sheriff)(5) Me (Deputy)(4) Phuong (Outlaw)(3) Kevin (Outlaw)(2) Steve (Outlaw)(1)(L) Stephanie (Renegade) Daniel (Deputy). Outlaws win. Stephanie $2100, Phuong $3000, Kevin $3000, Steve $3000.
Played 20100106 Stephanie (Sheriff)(5) Me (Outlaw)(3) Phuong (Deputy)(4) Josh (Renegade) Kevin (Outlaw)(1) Chris (Outlaw)(2). Renegade wins. Stephanie $600, Josh $9000.
Played 20100112 Stephanie (Sheriff)(7) Kevin (Renegade) Steve (Deputy)(2) Me (Outlaw) (1)(L)(5) Josh (Outlaw)(3) Phuong (Outlaw)(6) Daniel (Deputy)(4). Renegade wins. Stephanie $700, Kevin $10500.
Played 20100522 Kimmy (Sheriff) Steve (Outlaw)(2) Stephanie (Outlaw)(6) Me (Deputy)(4) Josh (Renegade)(1)(L)(8) Tiffany (Renegade)(3) Daniel (Outlaw)(7) Spencer (Deputy)(5). Sheriff wins. Kimmy $4500, Me $2100, Spencer $2100.
Played 20110705 Joann->Me (Sheriff) Me (Renegade)(2) JoshK (Outlaw)(5) Stephanie (Deputy) JoshC->Chris (Deputy)(4) Chris (Outlaw)(1)(L)(5) Melanie (Outlaw)(3). Sheriff wins. Joann->me $4500, Stephanie $3000, JoshC->Chris $2100.
Played 20120102 0003-0105PST. Me (Sheriff) Tiffany (Outlaw)(1) Michael (Outlaw)(2) Josh (Deputy)(4) Chris (Renegade)(6) Kimmy (Deputy)(5) Stephanie (Outlaw)(3). Sheriff wins. Me $4500, Josh $2100, Chris $2800, Kimmy $2100.
Played 20120617 0009-0106PDT. Jon (Sheriff) Josh (Deputy) Me (Deputy)(2) Steph (Renegade)(5) Chris (Outlaw)(4) Joann (Outlaw)(1) Michael (Outlaw)(3). Sheriff wins. Jon $4500, Josh $3000, Me $2100.
Bang! the Bullet!

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