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I think forgetting to look for trouble was detrimental to my game. Also I didn't realize until late in the game that the powers of multiple monsters are added. I thought the game was fun. We started reading the rules at 10:00 pm and while I don't remember when we started, we ended at 2:00 am. Constantly rereading rules, because while some have played the original Munchkins, there were certain differences and clarifications to be made. In any case it was fun and I'd like to play again.

I think after reading various posts and such, that the best thing to do, is to print out the card list, and mark when a card is allowed to be played. Making such rulings conventional, and less of a topic of discussion. Especially since Super Munchkin and Cthulhu Munchkin belong to everybody, it would make things easier.

One of the things we should definitely try is the "Faster Game" Rules.

According to, Munchkin Blender, a Munchkin expansion, allows the Munchkin games to support 2-8 players, and makes the game best with 4,5,6 players. While Munchkin Cthulhu supports 2-6 and best with 4,5.

The plush actually does something. It basically acts as a become a cult or leave the cult card.

This page at provided an interesting variant, we should try it some time:

There were free rules provided by the online distributor of Steve Jackson games or something rather; anyways, the link is from and its called Epic Munchkin. It adds rules that ends the game at 20 and special rules apply for being an epic munchkin, a munchkin of level 10-20.

Looking for rule clarifications, because I'm a stickler for rules, I first read about the Cult Membership card. Not relevant to anything that came up, but just in case it does, I'll have some understanding of it.

Link with a lot of clarifications:
I copied ones that I thought applied or came up for our first game and put that here. I put ones that were more important in bold.

Helpful Post on Bribes:

Helpful Post on Resolving Play Order:
Just like the poster, I'm used to Magic's stacking principle. But one person replied that Munchkin denies the idea of "stack" and things are resolved by what plays first. If two things are played simultaneously, then players should roll a die to see which goes first, provided it's an issue. In the situation that came up yesterday however, nothing went wrong. Many things were pumped up. Then before combat was resolved, I had the monster disappear. In this case, it would be the same as the stacking principle, as my card acts first, then all the other abilities fizzle. But I can see how other situations shouldn't use the idea of stacking. Just as the poster asked, if one person clearly played the Sudden Head Blow first, it should go into action first. However, this was a question I was unsure about and still looking for the answer. I wanted to play my Sudden Head Blow while Phuong was thinking of an action, thereby giving me a level for being the only non-Cultist. But since it wasn't my turn, there was the question of my being able to play the card.

A couple good posts regarding Using and Carrying Items:
Basically you can play any item down. Place them sideways if you are not using them. Hence, one-shot items not being used should be sideways. Once you choose to use such an item, place it straight like any other equipment you would be using. All those items down on the table are those you are carrying. Only one-shot items can go from not used to used during combat. Only one-shot items can be placed from your hand to the table to use during combat.

[Actual Post Date and Time 12/31/09 1:12 PM]
Played 20091230 Kevin (8) Phuong (9) Josh (9) Steve (10) Michael (7) Me (7). Phuong first. Steve won.
Munchkin Cthulhu

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