San Juan

This game is pretty fun, but as Josh said, has a strong element of luck. For example, in the middle of the game, he kept having to look for cards. And while I knew how important the 6 cost cards were, I didn't realize they were so hard to find. I think next time I would change my strategy in such a way to search for as many of those as possible. And perhaps try to hide other ones under a chapel. But I didn't even pull one in the game I played. For me, memorizing the order of the trade values was an obstacle. I think Kevin was the only one to play 2 6 cost cards and this gave him the bonus he needed to win.

The chapel is only good for hiding good cards, otherwise, don't expect to win from getting a winning edge from the chapel. One of the stronger, yet simple violet cards is the one that allows you to hold 12 cards in your hand. Another good one is the one that lets you keep an extra card in hand during the Consillor(sp?) phase. The cards that require you to produce two or trade two in order to draw a card are only good if you have the card that allows you to trade an extra good or produce an extra good. Otherwise, you could only use the ability when taking the corresponding role, and that's too hard to achieve. The Crane's value seems good early in the game when you don't need too many cards to play it. But otherwise, it's taking up valuable space.

[Actual Post Date and Time 12/19/09 2:17 PM]
(all buildings; chapel; "6" buildings; subtotal; Palace; total)
Played 20091218 Steve (17 -- 17 34 -- 34) Josh (15 -- 10 26 -- 25) Me (22 01 -- 23 -- 23) Kevin (19 -- 09 28 28 07 35). Steve first. Kevin won.
San Juan

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